Yury Kosharovskiy

Software Developer

St. Petersburg, Russia

10+ years experience in development of web-based systems using open-source and proprietary technologies



Base Technologies

Expert knowledge of Java, PHP (OOP, patterns).
Extensive experience in XML/XSLT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, REST, SQL.
Experienced in CentOS, nginx, Apache, .NET (C#, ClickOnce), Groovy, memcached, MongoDB.

Frameworks & Libraries

Expert knowledge of jQuery, jQuery UI.
Experienced in JAX-RS, Spring, Hibernate.


Extensive experience in Atlassian JIRA usage, integration and plugin development.
Experienced in ClearCase, git, SVN/Subversion, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Composer, PHPStorm.
Familiar with npm, Bower, Grunt.


High School

2000—2006 — St. Petersburg University of Printing, Automated Data Processing and Management Systems.


2009 — Java EE Developer (Enterprise Applications Architecture, Hibernate, Spring, Velocity, Struts, Struts2, WebServices), Bazis Education Centre, certificate.

2003 — Web Technologies, intuit.ru, certificate.


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer, May 2016

Work Experience

April 2016—present — Software Engineer, Netcracker

I work on development of the solutions based on the Netcracker platform. Netcracker is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation. It provides comprehensive solutions and services for telecommunication companies.

May 2012—March 2016 — Software Engineer, Coddan Technologies

As a member of the international developers team I took part in the development of the internal infrastructure for Applied Materials (USA), one of the biggest manufacturers of innovative equipment, services and software for manufacturing semiconductors, TFT LCD displays and solar panels. I worked on the following tasks: integration and plugin development for Atlassian JIRA, development of web-services. Used technologies: PHP, Java, Groovy, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, ClearCase, .NET (C#, ClickOnce).

April 2006—May 2012 — PHP Developer, Cbonds Information Agency

Cbonds Information Agency — the leading information provider on fixed income markets of Russia, the CIS and other Emerging Markets. I worked on the following tasks: development of rich GUI, e-mails delivery system (plain text, attachments, HTML formatted), advertising system, user registration and authorization systems, local and remote data parsing (XML, HTML, XLS, PDF, e-mail attachments), data generating (XML, RSS, PDF, Excel), handling of extensive volume of financial data.

June 2010—June 2011 — Drupal and .NET Developer, AugmentSoft (USA)

As a member of the international developers team I remotely took part in the development of Drupal-based and .NET-based business application for PDR, a leading provider of behavior-based prescription management programs.

May 2005—April 2006 — Web Developer, Webdom Internet Agency

I developed the following modules for customers sites: news, catalogues, feedback forms, forums, input/output data modules, calculators, statistic systems, photogalleries, shopping carts, CMS.

June 2004—May 2005 — HTML Coder, Webdom Internet Agency

I created HTML templates from PSD files, developed small JavaScript and PHP scripts.

Personal Skills

— Strong coding culture and self-discipline;
— Attention to details;
— Continuous self-development and passion to new approaches to solution of old problems;
— Sense of style;
— Ability to rapidly learn new technologies.


— Driver license since 1999;
— Opened multiple visas: Schengen (until April 2018), USA (until November 2016);
— Touch typing (in English and in Russian).


Atlassian JIRA integration and customization, 2015NDA

A long-term and large-scale project related to the issue database migration from the existing system (Lotus Notes) to the Atlassian JIRA and JIRA integration into the Applied Materials business processes.

JIRA Java Groovy PHP JavaScript/jQuery JSON YAML REST Apache Tomcat Windows

Financial Planner, 2015

A web system that is integrated with desktop application for tracking incomes and expenses via Dropbox API and allows to plan and control a personal budget. The main advantage is that it allows forecasting the balance for several months ahead taking into account current and planned expenses.

HTML/CSS XML/XSLT JavaScript/jQuery PHP MySQL MongoDB YAML Dropbox API Composer npm Bower Grunt Git Bash nginx CentOS

Universal JavaScript Selector, 2014NDA

An universal control that allows filtering data from a database according to the set of parameters chosen by user. Independent selectors include autocompleter, date picker, select lists and other. The may be related to each other and be suggested to the user in a configured sequence.

HTML/CSS JavaScript/jQuery
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Actions System, 2013

An unique programing infrastructure that allows to run the same programming code by using programming language API, command line interface, HTTP protocol and sending e-mails with particular parameters.

HTML/CSS XML/XSLT JavaScript/jQuery AngularJS PHP Composer Design Patterns

i-calls.com, 2011

Incoming calls tracking system that can be used to collect information about incoming calls and get reports on popularity of services, popularity of sources from which clients get information about the company, distribution of calls for time and week days.

HTML/CSS XML/XSLT JavaScript/jQuery PHP MySQL log4php Git Design Patterns Dropbox API

ProjectManager for Cbonds, 2010

Project manager for Cbonds Information Agency.

HTML/CSS jQuery/jQuery UI Java Velocity Hibernate log4j MySQL Apache Tomcat

ProjectManager for WebDom, 2006

Allows to manage tasks and track employee working time.



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