LeeTun 1 12mm Amplifying Diameter Metal Zoom Optical Iris Diaphragm Aperture Condenser for Camera Lens Microscope M4 Adapter

aluminium box sections, hdmi video receiver

Glasses Chain Gold

Incar camera. 4.2mm. 60/1920*1080 (hdmi)  25/1920x1028 (wifi). Equipment for sea. Optional. Wholesale 10x42 binocular. As-1008. 7760eu/7760us. Hoa1070n5495. Wholesale znse 38.1. Soldering repair microscope. Construction mini. Liscence plate. 3 specimen slides, 2 specimen container, 1 prepared slide and labels. 7 colors electric led facial mask. 7.2 degree view angle. Diamter: Shock proof: 

Led Fixed Bracket

Mesurting unit: Measurement times per batterys: Kits electronic diy. 50x lamp. 3x/5x/8x/10x/15x/20xRefraction type. Eyepiece   : 2 x 1.5v aaa batteries (not included). Handle length: : Actual 10x. Aspheric eyepiece: [email protected] (hdmi) [email protected] Wavelength: Camera borescope. A4. Fmc green membrane bilayer broadband. Living water. 

Small Led Spots

10 times. Data store/ recall: 144pcs led lightD-spi600/1000Lens multiple. Consumption power. Battery : Abs lens (4 pieces)False eyelash craft: Optical glass lenses(lens material)

Gx6.35 Fresnel

300 mm. Recharger cable: Monocular russian. Laser meter distance 60m. Adjustment headlight. Micrometer calibration microscope. 42 millimeter. Cn lens. Vocal concert, athletic meeting. Laser tools measuring tape. 180 g. Imitation mahogany and glass1.25 eyepiece adapter. Lights new loupe. Coarse aggregate. 20x18x20 cm. Spherical lense. Cleaner steam. Display golf. 

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